These hosting terms and conditions are the result of our many years of experience in hosting.
If anything is unclear, please contact us.

At wekreate we believe in clarity and make sure there is no fine print.

  1. Bart Gotemans & wekreate (hereinafter “ wekreate ”) reserves the right to change rates in the interim; you will be notified 60 days in advance.
  2. In the case of special promotions, the normal rates apply after the expiry of the contract term, which is defined in point 13.
    If a product does not return in exactly the same capacity, a similar product will be taken as the starting point.
  3. wekreate uses email for communication. It is the customer’s responsibility to maintain and notify wekreate an active email address at all times, and to read emails addressed to this address regularly, within 7 days.
  4. In the event of non-payment, misconduct or breach of contract, wekreate has the right to disable the services provided without compensation. In the event of payment arrears, wekreate has the right to engage a collection agency, the costs of which will be fully recovered from the customer.
  5. Wekreate ‘s products and services may only be used for lawful purposes. wekreate takes no responsibility for the information posted on the services. The customer will not use the services offered in connection with sending unsolicited commercial e-mail (SPAM). The customer will not upload any material to virtual servers of which he does not own the rights. The content and scope of the material on virtual servers may in no way be pornographic, discriminatory or illegal; such at the discretion of wekreate .
  6. The customer agrees not to hold wekreate responsible for any claims arising out of the customer’s activities, and undertakes to notify wekreate immediately if the customer receives any claims arising out of its activities on the Internet. This responsibility does not expire upon termination of this agreement.
  7. wekreate holds the customer responsible for all damages resulting from the misuse of domain registration facilities, including but not limited to acting in violation of the applicable registry regulations, requesting domain transfers without permission, or entering incorrect or fictitious information.
  8. wekreate aims to keep the systems as available as possible and to limit technical or other malfunctions as much as possible. The customer declares never to hold wekreate responsible for any loss of service and/or loss of data or loss of income due to technical or other malfunctions.
  9. The customer shall not use the infrastructure of wekreate or its partners to send unsolicited commercial e-mail (SPAM), nor use the services of wekreate in connection with SPAM. When wekreate receives a valid complaint about spam from the customer, wekreate will disable the service and delete the customer’s files if necessary.
  10. The use of scripts and other software on wekreate ‘s servers is allowed, as long as this does not endanger the functioning of the service. wekreate will inform the customer of any measures.
  11. Additional costs as a result of excessive use of the service will be calculated on the next invoice.
  12. Rates for the services and products are to be paid in advance for the minimum term, unless otherwise agreed.
  13. Unless not otherwise specified, the customer enters into an agreement with wekreate for at least 12 months with a written notice period of at least 3 calendar months. This agreement will be tacitly extended without written notice to the contrary.
  14. The service is installed upon receipt of the order and payment of the amount as stated in the agreement.
  15. All amounts stated on our website and in the order documents are exclusive of VAT.
  16. Any changes to the automatically generated documents in any way will be deemed invalid without written confirmation by wekreate .
  17. All consequences and damage as a result of negligence and improper use are for the benefit of the customer.
  18. wekreate reserves the right to impose fines and administrative costs on the user as a result of acting contrary to these conditions: such as, for example, making incorrect fault reports, passing on incorrect port information, etc.
  19. These terms and conditions will be interpreted in accordance with the letter of Belgian law.
  20. Should one or more points of this agreement be invalid under the law, the other points shall remain in full force and effect.