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CRM helps to optimize your customer contacts in your company. In this way you can strive for a customer-oriented approach in terms of working method. Thanks to CRM, you can tailor your working method and plan of approach to the requirements and wishes of your individual customer.

The goal is to increase customer satisfaction and to respond specifically to the needs of your customers, resulting in higher turnover at lower costs.

As CRM specialists, we are happy to help you with advice and the implementation of a Customer Relationship Management solution.

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    _ Why choose a CRM solution

    With a CRM system, companies can keep customer data up to date, track every contact with their customers, and manage customer accounts. CRM systems are designed for companies that want to improve their customer relationships and Customer Lifetime Value (CLV). As companies generate massive amounts of data every day, these systems have become indispensable.

    Bundling all this information so that it can actually be used is what CRM systems offer a solution for. Whenever someone makes a phone call with a customer, visits a new prospect, or follows up on a promising lead, new and potentially valuable data is added.

    What are the main characteristics of a
    Customer Relationship Management

    All new information on a client, from contact information to conversations with customer service, is easily available.


    The system will show users what activities, tasks and targets are planned, from prospect until conversion.


    Thanks to prognoses reports your sales team will gain insights on their pipeline and they will see how they're doing in regards to their targets.
    Sales managers can use these reports to motivate and manage sales staff.


    Because email clients are synchronized with the system automatically, employees will get a full picture of their leads and clients. And this without having to log in on various different systems. Calendars and contacts can be viewed on any device and emails can be setup from just one work flow.

    Team members can upload info and files to a central locations and very easily share them with colleagues.


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    _ FAQs
    1With what CRM systems does wekreate work?

    At the moment we are working together with two very different providers:

    • Teamleader
    • HubSpot
    2What is Teamleader?

    Teamleader offers an affordable solution for start-ups and other businesses that are looking for ways to organize their work and save time. 

    Thanks to Teamleader you'll say goodbye to many time consuming jobs. You can use it to sell, create invoices and plan work in one location. Result: a very clear image of the performances of your business.

    Users go from IT companies and digital marketeers to plumbers and construction companies.

    More info about teamleader

    3What is HubSpot?

    HubSpot is a marketing and sales platform that helps businesses grow. It's possibilities are endless.
    Hubspot offers software to support you with marketing, sales, customer service and CRM.


    4How do I optimize the use of CRM?

    Preparation is crucial when starting and only if you do this well will you maximize results. Many businesses go to a CRM package because the competition is probably using one, but it takes commitment for it to work.
    For this reason is the right partner for you!



    5How best do I oranise the transfer?

    Before you start working with CRM you need to set very clear goals for yourself. Say one of your goals is focused client service. Then you need to think about what client service can mean for your business exactly and how you want to go about it.
    Or you'd like to attract new clients. How exactly would you use CRM for this?
    Another thing you need to do beforehand is do a spring cleaning in your client files.


    6Does every business need CRM?

    Yes, every business can benefit from CRM. A system like this helps you attract new clients and improve existing client relations.


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