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Integrating a webshop into your website offers many advantages. A webshop has no opening hours, but is open day and night, every day of the year.

Customers no longer have to move because there is no longer any distance between your customers and your webshop .

Creating a webshop will also increase the awareness of your company, as well as that of your website.

Online shopping . ecommerce and delivery service concept : Paper cartons with a cart or trolley logo on a laptop keyboard, depicts customers order things from retailer sites via the internet.
  • Optimal UX / UI

  • Clear planning

  • SEO friendly

  • Custom made

  • for PC/Tablet/Mobiel

  • from 889 euro

    _ Why choose wekreate

    You can have a website with a webshop made anywhere and certainly even cheaper than we offer our websites. But why would you choose wekreate anyway? We deliver a tailor-made webshop including CMS and excellent service for the price of 889 euros.

    Wekreate does not use, like most cheap providers do, templates where your logo is simply added and the colors are adjusted. All our webshops are customised, scalable, suitable for the long term, unique and personal. The webshops we deliver seamlessly match the needs of your target group.

    The result? More sales, more visitors, more awareness, more conversion.

    What do you get with a webshop?

    Your webshop is delivered very complete.
    You enjoy a tailor-made design with endless possibilities and functions!

    • We build your website with webshop from scratch
    • Responsive web design, so for tablet and phone as well
    • Contemporary design with easy navigation
    • User friendly for you as well as your visitors
    • 2 correction rounds before we place it all online
    • Elaborate text editor
    • Photo galleries
    • Forms
    • Header with slides
    • Social share
    • Blog function
    • Newsletter
    • Video/audio
    • Google maps
    • 30+ modules
    • All pages will have a unique title
    • SEO on every page
    • Integrated SEO module
    • Added to Google search console
    • Sitemap with automated updates

    We also offer advanced SEO packages.

    • In YOUR language
    • Example function
    • Easy adding of modules
    • Add endless amounts of pages and blog posts 
    • Clear and multiple menu's
    • Add and adjust content at your own pace
    • Custom made manual

    In short, everything to be ready to add an inbound marketing strategy to your webshop!


    We always use our own hosting when building a website or a webshop.

    Because of this you will always have great access and we can be sure that everything works properly and will continue to do so.

    More info on webshop hosting.

    Does this appeal to you?

    We are waiting for your message.

    _ FAQs
    1Why are there no prices?

    A website is always custom made, so we start with a meeting followed by a quotation.

    For a basic website, which is already sufficient for most small businesses, you will pay a one off EUR 889.

    • CMS installation en configuration
    • Visual builder
    • Stock photos
    • Documentation and manual
    • 5 pages
    • Standard modules
    • Contact page with contact form
    • Basic SEO
    • 2 correction rounds
    2Will I be able to see my website and webshop on my phone?

    Of course! We will make sure your entire website is optimised for all most used browsers. AND for tablets and phones.

    3What if I have issues afterwards?

    From the moment you start working with wekreate, you can always contact us for questions, remarks, trainings, ...
    And because we know your project through and through, we will be able to help you very quickly. 

    4How long will my website and webshop keep working?

    We build each website using contemporary techniques, ensuring your website will stand the test of time.

    5Will I be able to make changes myself?

    You most definitely will be. The website will be yours and you will get full access to all parts of it.

    6Will my website and webshop come up high on Google?

    We will get you a good basis!

    • Fast and reliable hosting
    • Technically your website will be complete
    • SEO-control integration

    If you want your website to score even HIGHER in Google, you can always take a look at our extra SEO packages.